Innovative, market-focused telecoms

Digital Mail Limited is an established telecommunications provider. Founded in 1991, we were the first company to offer a unified messaging service, and have continued our track record of innovation to the present. As well as offering a telecommunications service under our own dmClub brand, Digital Mail Ltd provides the infrastructure behind hundreds of 'reseller' telecommunications brands.

We are committed to quality customer service, competitive pricing and flexible product offerings for both our direct customers and those of our dealer network.


Through dmClub, our commercial and distribution brand, Digital Mail offers telephone numbers from the full range of UK geographic and non-geographic number ranges, as well as memorable 'Gold' numbers. Alongside this wide range of numbers we offer a full portfolio of call handling services including call hunting, virtual switchboards and fax or voicemail to email.

Our Dealer Network

Digital Mail's dmClub brand also operates a white labelling scheme. The dmClub dealership scheme enables our large network of dealers to offer our full range of products and services for resale under their own brands, supported by our sophisticated Web marketing tools and software and a dedicated in-house dealer assistance team.

Telephone Preference Service: a bluffer's guide

Looking at telemarketing, but unsure about the red tape?

Have no fear: our handy bluffer’s guide to staying on the right side of the regulators will see you through – and could save you time and money too.

What’s the deal? Under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act 2003, individuals and businesses can choose protection from unsolicited marketing calls, by opting out through the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).

Don't pay us if you've won the lottery

Recently Digital Mail has seen an upsurge in Advanced Fee Fraud, a scam where people are asked to pay money into our bank account to release their 'lottery winnings' (or other money they've come into through sheer good luck).

If you've been asked to do this please contact us, and inform Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. For full instructions see: